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UST21 – Connect the Present of the Ocean and the Future of the World Together


UST21 forges, processes, analyzes, and predict maritime data with high quality continuously and ceaselessly pursuant to the international quality standards.

It produces constant achievements with forging, processing, and analyzing 3D data obtained from the international QHSE system, high-end equipment, etc. and provides potential insight with numerical modelling and AI.

Certificated as QMS (Quality Management System)
Certificated as Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series
Certificated as Environmental Management System
Vessel ‘UST21’: certificated on Common Marine Inspection Document for Small Workboats by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA)

Providing comprehensive maritime information solutions on ocean survey and observation, numerical model, remote sensing, digitalized data, etc. by maritime professionals

Maritime professionals are co-working at various fields such as ocean survey and observation, numerical model, remote sensing, ENC (Electronical Navigational Chart), Data Base& GIS, etc. and providing comprehensive maritime information solutions that their customers want.

Observe and analyze Tides, ocean physics and properties such as tidal currents, water temperature, salinity, etc.

Survey 3-D submarine topography

Observe and predict marine weather environment and support to take actions against marine disasters

Support maritime engineering businesses customized and solid for sustainable ocean development and reservation pursuant to international standards

Provide specific and efficient solution including surveying proper site for ocean development & reservation such as ocean renewable energy, ocean ecosystem and submarine infrastructures, ocean survey, ocean observation, numerical model, licensing, outcomes of international standards

Produce and manage floating ocean observation facilities

Design, install, manage survey structures and facilities

Survey aggregate fields and deposits

Monitor the condition of artificial reef installation and select proper sites of the reefs

Survey paths of sea-bottom pipeline.

Carry out environmental evaluations on marine industry developments

Based on Big Data & AI, refine, process, manage, analyze, predict and visualize

Provide the customized data refined, processed, managed, analyzed, predicted, and visualized, based on submarine topography, ocean environment, satellite images, etc. by utilizing Big Data and AI technology, pursuant to the international standards

Analyze the data from the marine observation satellites

Provide the data predicted by numerical models

Produce paper & electronic navigational charts and nautical publications

Research and produce oceanographic information of S-100 standards

Develop the systems to visualize marine information

Explore the shorefaces and soil structures

Design, research and development of next-generation ocean survey, observation, prediction, digitalization to lead the global maritime technology

Research core technology (software, hardware, etc.) related with next-generation ocean survey, observation, prediction, digitalization to lead the global ocean technology such as S-100 of IHO, MASS (Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship), smart port, MSDI (Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure), Unmanned Maritime Survey System, etc

Develop software & hardware for survey

Develop the systems to visualize marine information / Visualize marine information and Monitor based on IOT in real time

Cooperate with the global countries through ODA (Official Development Assistance)