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UST21 – Connect the Present of the Ocean and the Future of the World Together


UST21, Global Marine Technology Company,
Leading the International Standards of the Ocean Data

Since the foundation in need of the localization of the ocean survey technology in 1999, UST21 has been growing up as a global company leading the international standards of the ocean data beyond the South Korea through developing new technologies and innovating them ceaselessly, and raising professionals.

Connect the Present of the Ocean and the Future of the World Together


Company Name

Underwater Survey Technology 21, Inc.


Jongwook Kim

Business Category

  • Engineering service related with environment

  • Trade business related with software

  • Vessel rental business

  • Software development and consulting business

  • Data-processing business

  • Research and Experimental development on Natural science

  • Hydrographical survey business, Oceanic survey business, Nautical map producing business (Cartography Business), Maritime information service activities

Business Type

Service, Wholesale and retail trade, Research and development


  • Head Office:  Unit 503, Industrial Technology Center, 129 Gaetbeol-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea

  • Busan Branch: 2nd Floor, 7-5, Jungang-daero 214beon-gil, Dong-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea

Foundation Date

December 28, 1999


Tel +82 32 889 8866
Fax +82 32 889 8864

Mission and Core Value

Make the ocean affluent and safe and grow up with customers by understanding the dynamic data of the ocean in depth and farther.

Success of Customers

Contribution to advance of ocean science technology and success of our customers with the high-quality maritime data.


Attitude responsible for the problems against from the present to the future.


Open the new way with the high-end technology and challenge spirit without stopping.


Recognize and accept that “different” is not “wrong” but “diverse”.




  • May  Makes a  business agreement with DARIS(Data &Remote-Sensing Infra System) Inc .

  • Jun.   Makes a technology transfer agreement related with satellite base severe visibility analysis, sea fog detection/display technique with KIOST

  • Jul.   Makes a business agreement with Fugro Singapore Marine. LTD.

  • Nov.  Registered as Cadastral survey field under engineering business.


  • Mar. Makes a business agreement with Computer Software Engineering Department in SoonChun Hyang University.

  • Apr.  Registered as Construction Technical Service(NO. Incheon-2-88).

  • Jun.  Registered as Underwater Works(NO. Incheon Yeonsu 2020-15-01).

  • Sep.  Certificated as a Venture corporation by Korea Technology Finance Corporation.

  • Nov.  Certificated as one of “Vision Companies”.


  • Mar.  Registered as Facilities Support Management Services of private navigational aids (NO. 12).

  • Mar.  Registered as Ocean Survey Business in Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency (NO. O-4).

  • Jul.  Registered as Ocean information service (NO. 1-18).

  • Jul.  Certificated as Environmental Management System by ISO14001 (NO.E104521).

  • Jul.  Certificated as Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series by ISO45001(NO. OHK017821).

  • Aug.  Makes a business agreement with Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources.

  • Sep.  Selected as one of Inno-Biz by Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

  • Nov.  Registered as Manufacturing Business


  • Feb.  Makes a business agreement with AEMLLP.

  • Jul.  Makes a business agreement with Industry-University Institute Collaboration of Inha University

  • Dec. Makes a business agreement with Blue Coconut Inc.
  • Dec. Makes a business agreement with Blue Core Inc.



  • Jan. Makes a business agreement with sgma Inc.
  • May. Makes a business agreement with National Korea Maritime &Ocean University
  • Sep. Registered as Weather Consulting Service (NO. 2018547-03)


  • Jan.  Registered as Nautical Cartography Business.

  • May  Awarded a prize from Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs. (15th Sea day)


  • May  Registered as Surface surveying business in National Geographic Information Institute (NO.011143).

  • May  Registered as Digital Mapping Business in National Geographic Information Institute (NO. 01-6478).

  • Jun.  Registered as Coastal Survey Business in National Geographic Information Institute (NO. 01-2051).


  • Apr.  Enrolled in one of the Family Members in Inha University.


  • Feb.  Opens Busan Branch

  • Jun.  Awarded a Technology Prize from Hydrographic Societies of Korea.

  • Nov.  Registered as Environmental Impact Assessment Agency on utilization of sea area.


  • Jan.  Makes a business agreement with DONGSAN SURVEY ENC CO.,LTD


  • Nov.  Registered as Ultra Light Plane Use Business (NO. 2015-193).


  • Jan.  Registered as Video Processing business in National Geographic Information Institute(NO. 08-000084).

  • May  Representative Kim is awarded Presidential Citation.

  • Jul.   Makes a business agreement on long-term field study (IPP-Industry Professional Practice) with Inha University.

  • Oct.   Enrolled in one of the Family Members in Incheon University (NO.2016-1274).


  • Mar.  Notifies Retail Sale Via Mail Order Houses (NO.2017-Incheon Yeonsu-0182).


  • Aug.  Notifies Research and Development Business (NO.20182376).

  • Oct.  Registered as Weather Service (NO. 2018547).

  • Oct.  Registered as Underground Facility Survey in National Geographic Information Institute (NO.11-000456).

  • Nov.  Makes a business agreement on raising human resourced and employing the youth with Korea Institute of Science Technology Information.


  • Dec.  UST21 is founded by the president Jong-wook Kim  


  • Nov.  Makes a school-industry cooperation with Topography Information Department in Inha Technical College.


  • Jul.  Registers its affiliated institute (NO. 20012106)


  • Mar.  Registered as a member of Korea International Trade Association.


  • Apr. Engineering business operator registration in the marine field.

    May  Registered as Software Business.


  • Feb.   Ulsan Branch(2006-2009).

  • Aug.   Makes a school-industry cooperation with Korea Polytechnics III Gangneung.


  • May  Makes a business agreement with KT Submarine.


  • Dec.  Registered as hydrographic survey business(NO. H-5).


  • Dec.  Certification on QMS(Quality Management System by ISO900(NO. QI9075/08).