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UST21- Connect the Present of the Ocean and the Future of the World Together


The company you enter will be the global standard.

The company you enter will be the global standard.

The Global Maritime Science Technology Company, UST21

Challenges, mutual respect, flexibility and responsibility of many UST21’s competent staffs make it the best ocean data technology company in Korea and lead the international standards around the world.

UST21’s whole staffs work with a mission to make Korea a strong country in the field of maritime data and make the sea safe and affluent with the data. To forge the data, they are willing to go into the wild seas, to struggle with big and heavy equipment, to master the high-end gears and techniques such as drones, satellite, AI, etc. and find the meanings and the values of their work from a variety of data.

Teamwork is inevitable to gather, analyze, interpret, and predict so various and enormous data. That’s why UST21’s staffs respect, trust, and cooperate each other more sincerely.


Challenge Spirit

Those who can continuously challenge innovate to forge valuable and precise data

Mutual Respect

Those who can accept variety and difference positively and respect their co-workers


Those who can break stereotypes and lead a new paradigm creatively


Those who can work to benefit customers, the ocean and the world


Ocean Survey

  • 3-D Seabed Topography Survey
  • Geological Survey
  • Submarine Electrical Cable Corridor Survey

Ocean Observation

  • Ocean physics(Tide, Tidal Current) observation and analysis
  • Marine observation satellites data analysis
  • 3-D Hydrodynamic Model observation technology research

Maritime Prediction

  • Numerical Modeling & Maritime Prediction Analysis
  • Numerical Modeling Related with Offshore Wind Power
  • Maritime Prediction Based on AI

Maritime Spatial Information

  • Production of Paper Nautical Maps of the International Standards
  • Production of Marine Thematic Maps
  • Production of Maritime Information of the standard of S-100

Software Development

  • Tidal Height Data in Real- Time
  • Maritime GIS Service Development
  • Construction on the Management & Analysis System of Multi- Maritime Information

Hardware Development

  • Development of Various Unmanned Maritime Observation System
  • Based on HAE (Height Above Ellipsoid) Continuous Submarine Topography Observation
  • Developing the Technology of Marine Digital Twin Platform and Realistic AR&VR Contents

Job Openings

  • Profession : Management Support Headquarters, BLUE Headquarters, Data Headquarters, R&D
  • Employment Type : Regular employee (Permanent)
  • Qualifications : New or Experienced
  • Academic background : No Restriction
  • Gender & Age : No Restriction
  • Preferences : With technical qualifications for; survey and geographic information, oceans, marine environment, maritime survey, oceanic engineering, and ocean resources development/ Capable of computer programming (Python/C++), Qualifications for drone (unmanned multi-copter)
  • Working conditions : 5-day work week (09:00~18:00)


KwangSik Choi (Management Support Headquarters.)


503, Industrial Technology Center, 129 Gaetbeol-ro, Yeonsu-gu,  Incheon, City, South Korea

Job Application letter

Send E-mail 

Phone  +82 32 889 8866

Fax  +82 32 889 8864


4 major insurances & retirement pensions

We comply with legal requirements on welfare.


We requite for employees’ passion.

Reward programs

We recognize and reward long-term employments and excellent staffs.

Free meals

We offer lunch for free.

In-house clubs

We support hobbies and union of employees.


We reduce your residence cost and commuting hours.

Casual Dress Code

We respect the individuality of our employees.

52-hour work week

Half-day and hourly leave available


We offer certification and competence development program.


We offer Birthday and holiday presents and homecoming expenses.

Congratulations & Condolatory

We offer congratulatory and condolatory leave and support expenses.