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UST21 – Connect the Present of the Ocean and the Future of the World Together

Technology Power

High-end technology can make safe ways on unpredictable ocean open, accurately figure out topography and geology, which human-being can’t enter, predict that ocean development industries will influence on marine ecosystems, and verify the complicated correlation between maritime climates and environment of the earth.

The oceans must be surveyed from the universe, seen through with geophysical technologies. By doing so, we must forge and analyze various, dynamic and enormous data, reveal mutual relationships and predict the changes from them.

UST21 has been investing time and money in developing technologies and advanced equipment, raising professional personnel to survey the ocean and analyze the data precisely and carry out the various surveys and development projects which conduct in the sea. Now, it has already held the global technology capability as high as to adopt as the international standards.

Technical Professionals

The number of Engineers
The number of Specialists
The number of Doctor’s Degree
The number of Master’s Degree

Affiliated Institute

It consists of professionals in the fields of software & hardware and has been researching new technologies regarding oceans and developing new products from various angles.

It concentrates on developing technologies of software & hardware concerning a variety of fields including big data analysis system through management of large-scale submarine topography and machine learning, visualizing maritime contents through virtual reality and augmented reality, unmanned observation system, maritime IoT, etc.

Responsibility: Hydrographic Survey Div.


  • Research bathymetric surface with grid system applying uncertainty
  • Provide standards for TPU reporting suitable for domestic states
  • Analyze uncertainty for producing bathymetric surface
  • Provide procedures to produce bathymetric surface and methods to apply SEP model

HAE (Hight Above Ellipsoid)

  • Analyze uncertainty for HAE(Hight Above Ellipsoid) survey methods & obtained data
  • Forge coherent geoid data with HAE(Hight Above Ellipsoid) survey
  • Compare uncertainty between HAE(Hight Above Ellipsoid) survey and sounding based on DL
  • Compare data between from 2-frequency GNSS equipment and POS/MV

Unmanned Survey (The Polar Regions)

Reducing working risk by using unmanned survey equipment, survey the areas around the Jangbogo Antarctic Research Station and the King Sejong Station, and produce nautical charts

Offshore Wind Power

  • Basic research for constructing offshore wind power
  • Registration as eCMID(vessel safety management system of international standards for overseas companies and business)

Responsibility: Ocean Observation Div.

Tide/Tidal current Observation

Produce the vertical reference data for the ocean and land areas, sea water circulation per layer and the characteristics data of wind waves by connecting short-and long-term tidal observation, leveling and GNSS observation suitable for the characteristics of the waters

LiDAR Buoy

Produce and manage floating type maritime observation systems for forging ocean physical properties and weather information


  • Develop the technique of image processing obtained from remote sensing
  • Operate a calibration laboratory for satellite images
  • Multisensory image analysis algorithm
  • Big data high-speed computation & management


Research the methods to observe the maritime physical characteristics by utilizing the signal processing results of sounding collected at the different stations

Responsibility: Marine Spatial Info. Div.

Produce Nautical Charts

Since beginning the service of producing nautical charts with high quality in 2010, it has been conducting businesses concerning producing digital marine topographic charts of new/revised version, electronic navigational charts.

Research related with S-100 Standards

Research the international standards related with Trend analysis of IHO MSDI, research of e-Navi, efficient AtoN integrated management system, constructing the system to forge maritime information with the standards, etc.

Produce the marine thematical maps

  • Research the fishing points & construct DB about them
  • Produce the maritime safety maps
  • Publish “National Ocean Atlas”
  • Upgrade thematical maps synchronizing charts and publications in tune with the times.

Visualize the spatial information

  • Display the maritime prediction numerical model data & observation data
  • Analyzing the accuracy of prediction data & comparative analysis of current state
  • Develop the system to visualize the maritime spatial information including writing typhoon reports, etc.

Responsibility: Research Institute

AI (artificial intelligence)

Predict time series, differentiate and search out images based on AI

Sea fog

Predict sea fog formation and dissipation, discriminate sea fog CCTV images based on AI

Numerical model, data assimilation (4-dimentional variation)

Raise the accuracy of prediction by improving initial conditions of numerical model

Sea area Utilization consultation & Environmental Impact Assessment on utilization of sea area

Analyze and predict environmental impacts caused by development and utilization on the sea, and suggest the ways to lessen the impacts

Primary Business & Certifications

UST21 registered QHSES(Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Security) Certification pursuant to the international standards to respond to Orsted, Cop, Fugro, etc.

Affiliated Institute Certification
Engineering Business
Software Business
Hydrographic Business
Cartography Business
Maritime Survey
Maritime Information Service
Environmental Impact Assessment Agency on utilization of sea area
Ultra-Light Plane Use Business
Numerical Chart Producing
Coastal Survey
Data Processing
Underground Facility Survey
Surface Survey
Retail Sale Via Mail Order Houses
Research Service Provider
Weather Equipment Service
Weather Consulting Service
Private Aids Facilities Support Management Services
Construction Engineering Service
Underwater Construction Service
QMS: Quality Management System
EMS: Environmental Management System
Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series
Youth-freindly Hidden Champion
Innovation Business
Venture Business
Member of Korea International Trade Association
Family Members in Inha University
Family Members in Incheon University
Member of Korea Wind Energy Industry Association
KT Submarine
DongsanENC Inc.
Topography Information Department in Inha Technical College
SoonChun Hyang University
Industry-University Institute Collaboration of Inha University
Daris Corporation Inc.
Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
Industry-University Institute Collaboration of Korea Polytechnics III
Korea Institute of Science Technology Information
long-term field study (IPP-Industry Professional Practice) with Inha University.
Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology
Blue Coconut Inc.
Blue Core Inc.
National Korea Maritime &Ocean University
Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology