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Global Marine Technology Company Leading the International Standards of Ocean Data, UST 21
It makes the Ocean affluent and safe and grows up with its clients
through understanding dynamic data of the ocean in depth and farther.
Connect the Present of the Ocean and the Future of the World Together
It creates the Data Ocean, which emit enormous data, lives and values
and grows up with its customers by providing the data attained from ceaseless challenges and innovations.

The Science Technology Power Stretching out around the World

The power of the science technology taken through operating its attached research center(institute), large scale R&D investment and field applications and testification of its technologies has been being appreciated highly, being adopted as the international standards.


Provide the Total Solution of the Ocean Data

It holds not only ocean survey equipment and analysis software with the most and highest level in South Korea but also 161 executive and staff members including skilled and competent science technicians. They are cooperating creatively each other and make partnerships with the global leading ocean survey companies to find and solve whatever customers want.


The Trustworthy Capability of Task Performance

The technology power and know-hows accumulated during 35years can make marine survey, exploration, and development project of customers safe, economical and efficient. Also, it is going to manage and solve the problems that can occur in the future.

UST21 observes the international standards related with project managements (holding certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001) and also constructs QHSES (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Security) base operating structures.

Entered Country
Technical Personnel with High Level
Patent & Utility Model Patent
Research Papers and Research Project

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Our Clients

We contribute to the improvement of scientific technology on the ocean data and the success of our clients.

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